miércoles, 23 de noviembre de 2011

Doritos Superbowl contest

Please check out the spot that we made for the Doritos Superbowl contest this year. I feel really good about this one, but we'd look better if we can increase the view hits on the Doritos site. Take a look, and feel free to let me know what you think!

David Vargas
Dp :FIni
Fini Maza
Sound By
Carlos Carlinga

miércoles, 16 de noviembre de 2011

Federico Uribe Micro documental

Por aqui os dejo el ultimo proyecto en el he tenido la oportunidad de participar, Micro-documental Del Artista Federico Uribe una experiencia genial y un mejor resultado

An intimate view into the world of artist Federico Uribe; Federico speaks on the motivation behind a prolific artistic output, working relationships with objects and creating beauty from the raw materials of his surroundings.

Produced by
Music: "Along the Coral Reef" by Mark McGuire
music available through:

Museum/ interview Shoot AC: Victor Mesa
Workshop shoot AC: Rafael Maza-Cozar
Workshop grip: Hunter Parmentier
Audio recordist: Eric Mooreman
Directed, DP, post-production: David Marin
Museum Location Coordinator: Martin Hanahan

"The World According to Federico Uribe" exhibition is open through Dec 4, 2011 at the Boca Raton Museum of Art.

sábado, 5 de noviembre de 2011



New Dancehall/ Popp Artist From Kingston Jamaica Bringing a New sound to the game with super producer Trackman /

Palm Beach County is Know for our vast hip-hop scene. Now,finally for my reggae lovers "The Solutions " is here!!!! Transporta comes to us as a quadruple threat, this young man is a Mc , songwriter, Producer , Dancer, with influences by top reggae artists such as bounty Killer, Beenie man, Red rat and the man himself Bob Marley. Transporta is defenitely the nex big thing in Raeggae music.

Like many up and coming artists, Transporta had a rough start in the music game. for years he was dealing with shady producers and managers who left him with nothing but broken promises and a new outlook on life which made him reach a little higher and hustle a lot harder. Transporta talks about the hustler in him on his hot new song "9 to five " featuring Speedy

Transporta Calls his music a mixture of Traditional Dancehall music on hiphop /popp beats with a little bit of techno. His new single"same gal" reflects this. Transporta is an avid fan of jamaican videos showcasing the newest dance crazes. there is only one problem, in every video all he kept seeing were the same girls. so thats wher the concept of " same gal" came from. the single is currently tearing up the Streets, and can be downloaded on Itunes. The transporta also has something for the ladies, On his song " you and i" he talks about love and now he wishes all relationships would last forever. "i really poured my heart out on this song," Transporta says it was all real talk for me songs like that and others like " No tomottow" seductive Girl" and No "difference" will all be featured on his highly anticipated album" the Solution" due to be released later this year ot early spring of next year." the Solutions" will alsi feature productions by trackman productions. Trackman is from Palm beach County and listening to the records from TRansportam he has the potential to be the nex " super producer" Trackman believes in me, he never even did Reaggae music before he worked with me, he constantly pushes me to work harder and be better. I fux with Trackman, Thats my dawg.

Someday,Somehow i am going to make it in this buisness, I just want my name to be heard" SAys TRansporta. My grandfather used to always say, what's not dead; dont call it Buppy, Which means that if i'm not dead dont call me a ghost, Jsut beacuase you do not see him for a while dont take Transporta for Dead, He is somewhere perfecting himself to come back harder and stronger tahn the last time time you saw him. Transporta says to the Poeple Dont ever take anything for granted and no matter what you are going through never give up